On-line Ordering Terms & Conditions


1. On-line ordering from Wendy’s Milk Bar requires a minimum of 3 days (from the
payment/on-line order completion date) to prepare the order and have it ready for the
purchaser to pick up in store.
2. If the purchaser requires a product in less than 3 days, they will need to contact the
relevant Wendy’s Milk Bar store to check whether an earlier delivery date is possible.
3. Whether an order is capable of being collected in less than 3 days will be at the sole
discretion of the relevant Wendy’s Milk Bar store.
4. The relevant Wendy’s Milk Bar store is under no obligation to provide the on-line order
at an earlier date than the prescribed 3 days.


5. The purchaser’s on-line order will be prepared and available for pick-up at the nominated
Wendy’s Milk Bar store.
6. The nominated store is not able to be changed once an order is made.
7. Orders must be picked up on the date selected by the customer when placing their order
8. Orders must be picked up during store opening hours.
9. Opening times vary from store to store. It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to be
aware of the nominated Wendy’s Milk Bar store opening hours, including the occurrence
of Public Holidays which may impact delivery dates.


10. Wendy’s Milk Bar collects personal data for the purpose of providing the specific product
requested by the purchaser.
11. Certain information may be required in order to provide this product such as full name of
purchaser, authorised users, e-mail address, address, contact phone numbers and credit
card number.
12. Please refer to the Privacy Policy on our website for further details relating to the
collection and use of information.


13. Wendy’s Milk Bar is only able to accept payment via Payment Express.
14. Orders will only be initiated once payment has been successfully processed in accordance
with the operating protocols of Payment Express.
15. Payment Express is a secure website.
16. Wendy’s Milk Bar applies a 5% service and administration fee to all online orders.


17. Once an on-line order has been finalised the details of the order are unable to be changed.
18. The order will be charged to the nominated account of the purchaser and delivered to the
nominated Wendy’s Milk Bar store.GENERAL DISCRETION
19. Wendy’s Milk Bar agrees to execute all orders in accordance with these terms but
reserves the right to reject any order in its absolute discretion.


20. Wendy’s Milk Bar is entitled to assume that any on-line order which is placed with
Wendy’s Milk Bar via on-line ordering is a valid order.
21. Wendy’s Milk Bar does not guarantee its performance or availability;
22. On-line ordering may be unavailable from time to time for regularly scheduled
maintenance and/or upgrades and this will be at the discretion of Wendy’s Milk Bar.
23. Due to the inherent hazards associated with electronic distribution Wendy’s Milk Bar
cannot protect against delays or errors in the transfer of information which may result in
an on-line order not being received.
24. The purchaser agrees that to the maximum extent permitted by law, Wendy’s Milk Bar
will not be liable for any losses which the purchaser suffers as a result of on-line ordering
not being available or for delays or errors in transmitting orders.
25. Wendy’s Milk Bar reserves the right to terminate any on-line order if it believes false or
misleading information has been provided or the purchaser has violated these terms &

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