How do I become an Insider?

Simply download the Wendy's Milk Bar Insider App and Register


Wendy's Milk Bar Insider Great Benefits

Wendy’s Milk Bar just got even better thanks to our rewards program Wendy's Milk Bar Insider. Now, you can enjoy some great benefits with our great food.

Happiness is just a Wendy's Milk Bar away!

Registration Bonus

A registration bonus of 1 (one) free small milkshake will be offered after you spend your first $5 at a Wendy’s Milk Bar store as a Wendy’s Milk Bar registered Insider

It's Your Day

Something special for you on your birthday

Earn Wendy's Milk Bar Dollars

Redeem for more Wendy's Milk Bar deliciousness

Frequently Asked Questions

1I’ve downloaded the Wendy’s Milk Bar APP, do I still need to keep the card?

Nope, you can choose the way you want to be a Wendy’s Milk Bar Insider. If you have the card you can go to our website at, click on Wendy's Milk Bar Insider to register and manage your account OR you can download the APP and do it all from there.

2Why do I have to register?

You can earn rewards Insider Dollars without registering but you cannot redeem Insider Dollars so we encourage you to register. Plus, registered members get cool rewards like:

  • Delicious Wendy’s products when you redeem your Wendy’s Insider Dollars
  • A Registration Bonus - once registered and you spend $5 at a Wendy's Milk Bar store a FREE Milkshake voucher will be sent to you
  • It’s Your Day – something special for you on your birthday
3What are Wendy’s Milk Bar Insider Dollars?

Wendy’s Milk Bar Insider Dollars are what you collect each time you spend and swipe your card or APP at a participating Wendy’s Milk Bar.

You will be awarded 1 (one) Wendy’s Milk Bar Insider Dollar per $10.00 (AUD) spent in-store in one or multiple transactions, unless otherwise specified.

1 x Wendy’s Milk Bar Insider Dollar equals 1 whole dollar, $1.00 (AUD)

4How do I redeem Wendy’s Milk Bar Insider dollars?

Head in store and swipe your card or APP when you place your order. The minimum redemption amount is $2.50 and the maximum redemption limit is $50. If you intend to redeem the full $50 max limit of Wendy’s Milk Bar Insider Dollars in one transaction, please give your local store 48 hour notice.

5Do my Wendy’s Milk Bar Insider Dollars ever expire?

Nope so keep collecting. Enjoy!

6Is there a limit to the number of Wendy’s Milk Bar Insider Dollars that I can earn?

Nope, you can collect as many as you like. Enjoy!

7Can I use the card or APP at Wendy’s on Wheels or on the online Ice Cream Cake ordering site?

You can only earn and redeem Wendy’s Milk Bar Insider Dollars at our stores, not at any mobile sites or online.

8I need to update my personal information. How do I do that?

No problems, just jump on the APP or go to our website and log in. Click on your account details to make the required changes.

9I have lost my card. What do I do?

Pick up a new card in store and head to the Wendy’s Milk Bar insider section of our website, log in using your current details and the click on “activate card” to transfer your details and rewards across.

Please note that activating a new card will automatically cancel the old card number linked to your account.

10My phone is not scanning in store. Can you help please?

Staff can look you up by member number, name or phone number via the register in store.

11Where can I find the full Terms and Conditions of Wendy’s Insider?

Please click here for a full copy of the Terms and Conditions.

12I would like to contact Wendys Milk Bar. How do I do that?

If you would like to talk to one of our stores please click here for our store locator. If you would like to contact our National Support Office please either call 1300 072 130 or email [email protected]

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