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November 30, 2016

Smiles are Wider with a Spider

spider_600x450The classic Spider – a refreshing and delicious combination of ice cream and soft drink – is back in the mix at more than 120 Wendy’s Milk Bars across Australia.

As the weather heats up, a Spider is a brilliant way to cool down and Wendy’s has four to choose from.

  • Mint Tingle – Wendy’s vanilla dream ice cream, Schweppes Lemonade, and spearmint topping.
  • Raspberry Fizzle– Wendy’s vanilla dream ice cream and Schweppes Raspberry Red.
  • Redback Bite – Wendy’s wicked chocolate ice cream and Schweppes Raspberry Red.
  • Wicked Sunset – Wendy’s wicked chocolate ice cream and Schweppes Sunkist.

What could be more refreshing – a scoop of Wendy’s ice cream combined with a cold Schweppes soft drink.

Spiders, or ice cream sodas as they’re called in the US, have been around since way back in the 1870s and they are still around because they are simply so good!

“Spiders are a classic that have been enjoyed for generations, but if you haven’t had one yet then now is the time because you’re in for a special treat,” said Astrid Dare, Menu Manager.

Customers will also be able to enjoy a refreshing Spider as part of a special summer meal deal with a famous Wendy’s hot dog and a serve of delicious hot chips.

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